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Pegasus Writers Stable
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Welcome to our members-only website!

This members-only website could possibly be accessed by outsiders-- but if so, it would strictly be by accident.  The site is not promoted in any way to the general public. 

As some of the "Herd" may recall, we tried publishing information to members with an e-newsletter format of the same name.  It was not accessible to all members, due to some members' server problems.   Some problems were because their servers had a volume limit for e-mail.  Other servers included spam-killers that blocked all messages containing website addresses -- assuming they were risky.  We may encounter similar problems with the new, (but hopefully, "improved" method).

Under the new plan, members will be alerted by e-mail when new information is posted -- and a click-on provided to take them to this website.  The fact that the click-on will be a web address, it might be blocked by certain servers possibly incurring a new problem.  In any case, our members would no longer be bombarded with lengthy e-mails-- important or otherwise.  Members will be able to click on strictly the information they feel is important to them.

* Note -  Click on image at the bottom of any page to access the official Pegasus Writers Stable website

Pegasus Writers Stable
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