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Writing-Related news, gleaned from safe sources
Much of the news comes from writing-related e-newsletters.  Some comes from Google's specific news section, which comes as e-mail.  Occassionally, excerpts from local newspapers is added when applicable.
Pegasus Writers Stable
Fairly recent news......

Writing News




Two Journalists Killed Every Week


Barnes & Noble may buy Borders: Mega-bookseller Barnes & Noble is considering buying its top competitor, Borders Group. Investors, however, are wondering whether antitrust issues would allow the deal to go through.


POD publisher files suit against Amazon: POD publisher is filing a class action lawsuit against Amazon, alleging breach of US antitrust law. The move comes after Amazon's recent attempts to force POD publishers to use its own on-demand printer, Booksurge. 


Booklocker sues Amazon over Booksurge rule



Cricket, Spider and Ladybug Magazines Launch New Web Sites for Kids


WetPaint allows web users publish together


Kentucky Editor Faces Criminal Complaint After Publishing  

 Photo of ...
Editor & Publisher - USA
The complaint alleges that Lewis "violated the confidentiality of a juvenile court proceeding" by taking the photo April 22 and publishing it May 1. ...
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Publishing Industry Won’t Let OJ Simpson Profit From Murder Tales ...
Jossip - New York,NY,USA
[AP] So, let’s get this logic correct: When OJ wants to write a fictional book confessing his sins, and profit from its sales, the publishing industry ...
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Muskegon publisher takes on JK Rowling - MI,USA
Chronicle file photoRoger Rapoport owns RDR Books, an independent publishing company based in Muskegon. He is embattled in a lawsuit over publication of the ...
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Dog Channel - Irvine,CA,USA
See what’s in the latest issues of popular dog magazines like DOG FANCY, Dog World, Dogs for Kids, and Dogs in Review. DOG FANCY is the world's most ...
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Pegasus Writers Stable
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