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This newsletter page is intended to include Pegasus Writers Stable information that might be about possible changes in procedures, writing-related meetings, seminars, conferences, or activities planned by other organizations of potential interest to our members.


Just a note........................................................................

On the offchance you receive any editor or client requests for articles or assignments that are not in your specialty, please recommend a fellow writer of the "Herd."

Think of Pegasus Writers Stable as a "writers cooperative" organization.


Note that a members-only classified section has been added. It is intended for member-to-member advertising any writing-related equipment supplies or items useful to writers.  No insurance, investments, hospitalization, or otherwise "hot deals" will be accepted.  "Old, in good working order" equipment, overstock office supplies, cameras, and tape recorders would be good examples. Offers of trading or bartering would also qualify.

All transactions would be strictly member-to member.  This site is not available to "outsiders."

There is no charge for the service!   


Got Books?   

Dick has another website called  "The Non-Fiction Reader Magazine" for people who don't like reading fiction material.  Members may have their own published books posted on the website. (Through Dick).  A web compatible picture of the cover and a short blurb goes with it.  An excerpt from the book jacket will usually suffice.  Members - Carlene Cobb, Jack Romig, Rick Rhodes, and Theresa Smith have their books posted.  Links to the member / author's e-mail and / or their personal website are included.

There is no charge for the service, and no commissions for Dick.

The website is at:

See the samples......................


Got Articles?

Dick has another website called "The Carefree Traveler Magazine" where members are invited to post travel-related sample articles.  (No pay). The writer's name is click-able to their personal e-mail address for interested parties. A tag line about the writer is at the end of the article.

The website is at:

Only members of Pegasus Writers Stable may submit articles for the website.

See the samples........................

The same deal applies to The Non-Fiction Reader Magazine

Obviously, don't submit articles that you may have plans for selling reprint rights.

Got Reprints?

As for marketing reprint rights, Dick has another website called, Dick's Reprints

Pegasus Writers Stable members may post (by me) article titles and a short blurb about the contents.  Follow the format you see there.  (Small graphics may be acceptable to accompany the posting.  There is no charge for this service.


ReminderNote that each page of the Pegaus Observer has a Pegasus Writers Stable logo which may be used to access the Pegasus Writers Stable main website.  (Remember, you can always contact another member via the "List Of Members" page.  You can also access numerous links of importance to writers via the "Reference Links," "Research Links," and "Useful Links For Writers."  There are no click-ons (hyperlinks) to click back.  You would need to click on the "Back" location of your browser.

Also Note- There is also a Google search line near the bottom of each page for your convenience.


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