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You'll notice that some entries state "Claims To Pay."
It's because some editors "claim to pay" one rate, but sometimes offer a smaller amount to querying writers.
Good Luck!

 Potential Markets

Wine, food and an intelligent slice of vice. A lifestyle magazine with wine and other beverages grafted on to it. With regular features on music, fashion, videos, books, travel and other relevant Gen X culture, it's specifically designed to create a comfortable forum in which young adülts can learn more about the tasty juice without the usual intimidation. Prices are negotiated per article. Read the guidelines very carefully before contacting. Guidelines:
Bimonthly magazine providing creative professionals with an insider's perspective on the people, news, trends and events that influence the advertising and creative production industries.
Feature article writers are financially compensated based on article length, content and region.


A Cup of Comfort

Adams Media
57 Littlefield St.
Avon, Massachusetts 02322

"A Cup of Comfort stories weave powerful life lessons into vividly told tales. They are nonfiction stories that read like fiction but always ring true. They are real-life tales that reveal the positive aspects of humanity; that inspire, entertain, and enlighten readers; and that bring tears of compassion and joy to our eyes, hope to our hearts, and comfort to our souls. Cup of Comfort stories are original, creative, slice-of-life depictions of the most important and influential experiences and relationships in our lives."

Now seeking submissions for:

A Cup of Comfort for Fathers - deadline August 1, 2008

A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs - deadline August 15, 2008

A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers II - deadline December 15, 2008

A Cup of Comfort for the Grieving Heart - deadline February 1, 2009

PAYS: $500 Grand Prize awarded to one story per volume; $100 (each) all other stories published in book plus complimentary copy of book on publication.


Areas of particular interest include articles and anecdotes about vital aspects of homeschooling and family life: living in God's strength, involving fathers, encouraging mothers, joyful parenting, creative homemaking, improving organization, raising children and getting it all done. We also welcome academically oriented pieces such as conference information and reports, applications or methods for teaching academic subjects in the homeschool environment, state and national homeschooling trends, political affairs and international home education news. Research pieces and professional or technical articles relating to homeschooling and education are especially welcome. Themed issues. Pays up to $200.



Written for hardworking, educated women. Covers personal finance, lifestyle and a little politics. Pays up to 75 cents/ word for up to 1,500 words.


Wants travel articles to inspire readers - motivated, budget-conscious parents - and help them plan their family vacations and outings. All destinations and activities must include the entire family. We do not write about places or events that are for adults with babysitting or playgroups for the kids.
Features 1,000-3,000 words paying $1.25/word. Briefs are noteworthy announcements of family events or attractions. Pays $1.25/word for 100-200 words. Roundups are one to three-page articles profiling five to ten destinations within a theme.  500-1,500 words at $1.25/word. Roadtrips are two to three-page articles that detail a multiday itinerary. 1,000 to 1,500 words
at $1.25/word.


Magazine published 10 times per year primarily targeted toward distributors of candy, tobacco, snacks, general merchandise, health and beauty care products, beverages, foodservice items, and more. Pays $0.50 per word.


The Weeder's Digest. Gardening publication. Shares the human side: the joy, humor, frustrations, and heart in fine prose and fine art. Pays up to $200.



Mental Floss Magazine is an intelligent read, but not too intelligent. We're the sort of intelligent that you hang out with for a while, enjoy our company, laugh a little, smile a lot and then we part ways. Great times. And you only realize
how much you learned from us after a little while. Like a couple days later when you're impressing your friends with all these intriguing facts and things you picked up from us, and they ask you how you know so much, and you think back on that great afternoon you spent with us and you smile. Pays up to 35 cents/word.



DRAFT delivers the stories you won't find anywhere else. Exploring everything from the little-known pub down the street to selective breweries here and abroad and all other imbiber's interests - food, travel, sports, technology, entertainment, and leisure - DRAFT combines a fun and quippy style with unparalleled knowledge to deliver the definitive resource for the beer lover's lifestyle. (Following retrieved from Byline Magazine.)
On Tap (beer-related) and On Tap Life (not beer-related), 150-400 words. Sports and games and travel - 900 words.
Features cover anything of interest to guys, such as cars, sports, adventure and profiles of guys with dream jobs.
No beer reviews. Pays up to $1/word. Query with clips to Jessica Daynor -



Family Tree Magazine is a general-interest consumer magazine that helps readers discover, preserve and celebrate their family's history. We cover genealogy, ethnic heritage, personal history, genealogy Web sites and software, scrapbooking, photography and photo preservation, and other ways that families connect with their past. Query first. Offers 25% kill fee.

 Buys first rights. Pays up to $800.


Publication for those with cancer and their caregivers. Providing the latest cancer updates' research, and education. Pays $1.00 per word.


Friction Magazine
PAY: $.20/word
About motorcycles: travel, motorcycle information, rider safety.
Articles 800-1500 words, but query first No 1st person $.20/word. Full guidelines at


Conscious Choice
PAY: $50 - $600
Examines developments in alternative health care, nutrition, ecology, the environment, green businesses and sustainable development, urban
planning, spirituality, personal growth, social justice, progressive politics, and renewable energy, among the many topics we have covered in our many years. The articles we publish are intended to help our readers build active, balanced, and conscious lives. We prefer thoughtful, well-researched articles with an informed and upbeat tone. We favor a narrative approach in which "story-telling" is emphasized. We welcome investigative reports, personal interviews, and essays with a philosophical bent.


In Touch magazine
PAY: $.30 - $.35/word
Strives to inspire, encourage, educate, and change lives by communicating God's Truth, and connect people to God's work through In Touch Ministries. Effective writing for In Touch magazine presents biblical truth in a practical and approachable manner. We desire to publish articles with take-away value-helpful hints, available resources, or principles our readers can integrate into their lives.
Except in rare cases, articles are written in first or third person.
Writers should not assume reader's familiarity with Christian terminology.


Miracle Stories
PAY: $300
Ever had a Miracle happen to you? We are preparing info on "miracles that have happened to people" for possible TV show subject and publication. If you or someone you know have an event which you believe was a miracle and wish for others to learn about it, please provide a written description 2-5 pages. Double spaced. two page minimum. Please include the story title and all writer contact info on the first page of the submitted story.
Any Kind of miracle
Answered Prayers
Medical Miracles
Angel Miracles
Animal Miracles
Remarkable Coincidences
Compensation: If your story is chosen for publication you will recieve a check for $300.00, and a copy of the book. Also a possibility to
appear on a TV show to talk about your story. contact


PAY: $35 - $350
A content-driven digital magazine for work-at-home parents. Our goal is to provide one resource that encompasses the issues (challenges and joys) that work-at-home parents face. We accept pieces for our department features sections that are up to 3,000 words long.
Photographs are also accepted when part of the article. Be sure to include a credit line. We also like to see sidebars for the longer articles. See format and delivery guidelines for detailed instructions.


High - Over $500

Alaska Airlines Magazine - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments, hotos/artwork. 

Subjects: Travel, lifestyle and business publication covering the Alaska Airlines route system. 

Entrepreneur - Guidelines:  Pays on acceptance.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork. 

Subjects: New business ideas, opportunities, small business. 

Flight Journal - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork. Subjects: Aviation history. 


Medium $15 to $500

Plane and Pilot - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.

    Seeks columns/departments, photos/artwork.

    Subjects: Piston engine planes and pilots


Bride & Groom™ Magazine - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork. Subjects: Weddings, honeymoon, receptions, latest wedding trends. 



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