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How-To Books 2


Peruse the many how-to books and ebooks on writing
by C. Hope Clark

C. Hope Clark

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Get Paid to Write Book Reviews (Updated May 2007)


Sick of editors thinking a free book is ample paying for your book review? Here Hope Clark offers the serious book reviewer 80+ publications that pay for book reviews. Never look at book reviews the same again after you read this guide on submitting quality book reviews and book review pitches to editors.

 $7.95 - ebook in PDF format - 43 pages
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Grants for the Serious Writer (Updated November 2006)


600+ grants aimed at writers. Attend conferences, gain project funds, or just earn money to write. All 50 states arts councils represented plus many more opportunities for grant seekers. Our most popular ebook in its 6th Edition. A must primer for writers who dabble in the grant world. This is not a nonprofit grant book. This book's message is directed at the individual writer seeking funds to meet a writing goal. This book caters to you.

$8.95 - ebook in PDF format (175 pages)

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Just Hit Send (Updated March 2007)


230+ places to just hit your enter key and make a submission. Just SASE and no postage. Updated every six months. $8.95 - ebook in PDF format (80 pages)

$8.95 - ebook in PDF format (80 pages)
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Short & Sweet - Markets for Fillers (updated January 2008)


Short & Sweet - short on words and sweet on payment. Puzzles, jokes, anecdotes, little known facts, newsworthy snippets, book reviews, lists, recipes, even editorials pass as fillers. Some pay only $5 to $25, but the per word rate is way up there! Then there are the publications that pay $1/word. One little market in this book pays $3/word. 160+ markets that accept filler submissions and pay in cash. 

Learn what fillers are, what they pay, where they live, and how to mentally challenge your mind in writing them.  The ideas for them exist all around you. 

$7.95 - ebook in PDF format (52 pages)

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The No Fee Contest Book (updated January 2008)


You are a struggling writer trying to call the little money you make from your passion an "income."  You'd give up your best pen to win a $1,000 writing competition, but the fee is $25. All of them charge fees, so you quit considering writing contests. Well - don't. 

C. Hope Clark comes to you with an alternative - The No Fee Contest Book . In her research through FundsforWriters, she's identified over 310 writing competitions that don't charge even a single dollar - your hard-earned dollar - for your contest submission. The contests, including available online links, comprise an ebook that not only includes these golden opportunities, but also contains Hope's usual opinion and advice on writing competitions.

$7.95 - ebook in PDF format (97 pages)
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Tis the Season


12 months, 12 chapters, and 108 writing markets for your seasonal writing. Each month listing dozens of seasonal  ideas like Dragon Boat Festival Day, National Cow Day, National Cupcake Month, Adopt a Cat Month Tom Crapper Day and the World Snowmobile Competition. No room for writer's block with these ideas! $4.95

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THE SHY WRITER - by C. Hope Clark, Founder of FundsforWriters


As a shy writer you feel like you have to choose the lesser of two evils – marketing your words to hoards of people ogling at you, or putting your writing on the shelf and seeking other employment. Wrong! 

The Shy Writer gives you options – lots of options about meshing your personality with your dream of being a writer. You don’t have to sell your soul to sell your words. Forget those people who tell you to change, to put on a dog-and-pony show, or to stand on your head to sell a book. Hope Clark gives you the support you need to be the person you are – The Shy Writer.

Order THE SHY WRITER paperback. Purchase includes a year's subscription to TOTAL FundsforWriters. Just email a copy of your receipt to to start your subscription


Ebook:            $6.95      Download Ebook Instantly        BUY BOOK




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Funds for the Essayist (updated April 2007)


Here is a compilation of markets you probably did not expect. But essayists love their craft! The thought of stating a case, fleshing it out, and proving a point is an addiction to some. Essays are often considered intellectual pieces and at other times considered just simply nonfiction. Either way, they are wanted in a good number of venues from literary journals to contests and magazines. And some like The New Yorker, pay pretty darn well.

Funds for the Essayist contains 260+ listings for your opinion pieces. Never thought you could earn income from your essays? Think again. This ebook opens doors and proves that opportunity exists for the essay writer.


 $7.95 - ebook in PDF format (94 pages)

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Purchase all the FundsforWriters ebooks in one great package! A $108.30 value if purchased separately, and pay only the discounted price of $65. That's a $43.30 savings. (And yes, we'll throw in an annual subscription to TOTAL FundsforWriters - an additional $12 savings.)


  • Get Paid to Write Book Reviews
  • Laughing Markets
  • Just Hit Send 
  • Grants for the Serious Writer: 6th Edition
  • The No Fee Contest Book
  • Short & Sweet: Markets for Fillers
  • Funds for the Fiction Writer (retired)
  • Funds for the Essayist
  • 'Tis the Season
  • Markets for the Young Writer
  • Publishers for Poets (retired)
  • Cooking Up Recipes
  • Quick as a Flash
  • The Shy Writer

Ebooks in PDF format   $108.30 Value….  Discounted to $65.00

(Savings of $43.30)

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