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How-To Books 3

Peruse the many How-To books On Writing
by Anne Wayman


How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal that $ells!
Learn how to put together a proposal that sells your book even before you write it!

Only $19.95

Learn the language of Freelance Writing And maximize your income
Look professional, even if you've never sold any writing before.

  • Freelance writing has it's own professional language. The Freelance Writer's Glossary teaches you that language.

Be professional when you email, write or speak with editors and publishers by using language they understand.

Only $5.95


Yes, YOU can make money with eBooks!
Serious Money

Even if you've never sold any writing before!

Finally, a simple approach to becoming a profitable eBook publisher

by a writer for writers - 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Only $15.95


You've Got to Get the Writing Done if YOU Want to Make
Serious Money!

60 Best Tips for Getting the Writing Done

shows you how

  • There's just no way around it - if you want to be a successful Freelance Writer making serious money, you've got to get the writing done... day after day after day.

  • You simply can't afford to bog down.

Only $9.00


Discover EXACTLY

How to Get Started in a

Profitable Freelance Writing Business
And get paid serious money

Even if you've never sold any writing before!

Get answers from a pro, including:

  • Where do I get my ideas?

  • How do I know what a publisher wants?

  • Do I need an agent?

  • How tough is the competition?

You'll get real life answers to your questions about freelance writing.

Only $ 19.95