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Peruse the many books and ebooks on writing by Cheryl Wright

Cheryl Wright
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 I Wanna Win
Have you studied the craft of writing for years, but still can't get published?
Entered contest after contest but still get nowhere?
Feel like you're wasting time and money even entering?

Ever wondered why can some writers excel but others don't?

Even if you have no intention of entering contests,
this book will help you immensely in honing your craft.

“I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer”

If you want to win writing contests and earn that elusive tag of ‘award-winning writer’ or if you just want to hone your skills, this book will point you in the right direction. Written by Cheryl Wright - author of best selling ebook “Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories”.

Only $19.95 (US) - Now available:

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Thinking Outside The Square

Make money writing short stories!

Don’t spend another moment struggling. If you’re serious about writing short stories (and making money from them) this best selling ebook is for you.

“Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories” written by award-winning, multi-published Australian author Cheryl Wright, will guide you toward publication.

Only $12.95 (US) Now available:


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The Lowdown On Niches


What is a niche?

Simply put, niche means a defined subject or area of interest.  Examples of niches are weddings, parenting, pets, health, crafts, Christmas, real estate, and so on.  Each of these niches needs written materials to sustain them.

I’ve been ‘working’ the internet for a few years now, and have discovered that most writers are leaving money on the table – simply because they don’t understand, or even know about, niches.

This is an area that can bring you expert status, or can help fill your wallet, depending on your goal.  Usually it will do both.

As you are probably aware, I am the author of several ebooks for writers – all of which I self-published.  Each of these was written because of a distinct need in the writing niche.  In every case, I did research before I began, and asked myself several questions:

v  Who is my target audience?

v  Are there any books of this type already available? If so, how many? (With at least two, I had no competition whatsoever!)

v  Will my book address anything that isn’t currently addressed? (Different angle?)

v  What makes this book stand out against the others? (What can I bring to this book that will make it unique?)

v  Why would people pay money for this book when other books on this subject exist already?

v  What value can be placed on this book – both monetary and usefulness?

v  Would a publisher pick this book up for its commercial value? (Commercial value = saleability)

v  Will the resultant sales cover the cost of the time involved in producing this book/product?

(This was an excerpt for the book)


Cheryl Wright ends by saying:

When I wrote my first ebook, there was very little information around.  I struggled for months trying to put it all together.  The help simply wasn’t there.

I don’t want you to struggle, I want you to learn some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ and make your writing career the best and most profitable it can be.”

Book Price  - $12.95 (US) 

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Online Freelancing


Your "Tell All Guide" To Selling Your Skills On The Internet!


"There Are Thousands Upon Thousands Of Freelancing Opportunities Waiting For You In The World Wide Web."

But... Do You Know How To Look For Them? Do You Know Where To Start?


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Tired of Earning Peanuts from
Your Writing?


Want to know how to earn decent money
with your writing skills?

Or maybe you want to earn money full-stop?


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