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Ever wondered why some writers sell their stories without issue?
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Belly of the Dragon

Belly of the Dragon

Buy : Belly of the Dragon

On line (ebook), Hardback; Paperback or Rocketbook 
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By Captain Rick Rhodes


The Ohio River -In American History and Voyaging on Today's River” also addresses the Allegheny, Monongahela, Kanawha, Muskingum, Kentucky, Green and Wabash Rivers.  The first five chapters explore 300 years of American History along the Ohio River and its tributaries – including the French and Indian War, the American Revolution in the West, our country’s expansion into the Northwest Territories, Lewis and Clark on the Ohio River, the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, the Steamboat Era, the evolution of the lock and dam system, and the rise and decline of 19th, 20th, and 21st Century river industries.  The next eleven chapters geographically divide the Ohio River and its navigable tributaries into distinct regions.  The individual colorful histories, as well as the current amenities found in 200 river town are discussed here.  The last three chapters focus on boating, to include negotiating locks and dams, commercial towboat operations, and many specific Ohio River safe boating tips.  Eleven appendices list more than 60 annual river festivals, information 59 locks and dams, bridge clearance information, hundreds of marinas and restaurants, scores of free docks, 85 GPS waypoints, and more.  Several hundred telephone numbers and 86 black and white photographs are interspersed throughout this book. 


 “The Ohio River…” is the seventh book researched and written by Rick Rhodes.  This softcover book contains 320 8”x 11” pages. The price is: $35.95

ISBN thirteen: 97809665866

The book can be found on the web at:


Rick has another title on Honduras (Not shown here)


For more information, or to place an order, please contact:

Captain Rick Rhodes

Fax: 727-527-8287; Mobile: 727-459-5992;

Email:, or, or


Captain Rick Rhodes is an author and freelance writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida


 Cruising Guide To Florida's Big Bend
Cruising Guide To Florida's Big Bend
By Captain Rick Rhodes



Cruising Guide to Florida’s Big Bend including the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, Flint, and Suwannee Rivers was published in 2003.  This book contains 27 full pages of black and white NOAA chart extracts, 11 coastal town maps, 11 river/lake sketches, three canal maze sketches, and a wind rose sketch on the Gulf of Mexico.  Ninety marinas and scores of restaurants and fueling sites are also addressed.  The book provides hundreds of phone numbers, and information on 160 boat launching ramp, along with providing 66 GPS waypoints.  Three hundred miles of Gulf Coast, and 500 miles of inland rivers are covered in this book.  One hundred and fifty black and white photos are also incorporated.   360 8”X9” pages.  Price: $32.95.


E-mail Captain Rick Rhodes at:

Rick Rhodes' Website at:


Captain Rick Rhodes is an author and freelance writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida


Discovering The Tidal Potomac 1st Edition
By Captain Rick Rhodes

Discovering The Tidal Potomac 

1st Edition



Although this 1998 First Edition has been updated, it’s the only edition containing 35 color NOAA chart extracts, along with another half-dozen color photographs.  200 8” X 11 pages. Discounted Price: $23.95


Captain Rick Rhodes E-mail:

Captain Rick Rhodes is an author and freelance writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida
Discovering The Tidal Potomac
Second Edition

Discovering The Tidal Potomac
By Captain Rick Rhodes

Discovering the Tidal Potomac, Second Edition was published in 2003.  This book contains 35 black and white NOAA chart extracts, information on 91 marinas, including five shoreside locality and 38 popular dock sketches, 96 boat ramps, and 88 black and white photographs.  The book also addresses more than 60 restaurants, 180 phone numbers, 45 website addresses, and 53 fueling sites.  Two hundred plus miles of shoreline are woven with 400 years of history.  240 8” X 11” pages.  Price: $26.95


Captain Rick Rhodes' E-mail:

Captain Rick Rhodes is an author and freelance writer based in St.Petersburg, Florida
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