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Lyn Johnson

About Me
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My full name is Mariam Carolyn Weatherbie. I kept the "Lyn" from Carolyn, and all my friends now call me "Lyn." I was born and raised in Eastern Kansas, but later, during my first marriage, I lived in several states, including Texas; Missouri; Massachusetts (Cape Cod); and Florida. I taught school for 30 years, in many facets of teaching. Another area of interest was teaching swimming classes for the Red Cross.  Later, when my former husband and I opened a day care center (with a pool) we taught swimming there too. My husband, John Johnson, was lost at sea in 1992. I'm now married to a former maintenaceman, who became a freelance writer. I too, found my niche in writing, and I'm writing the story of my life. Fortunately, I had kept tons of information over the years. I'm up to 31 chapters, which is expected to be 36 chapters upon completion.