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The Carefree Traveler Magazine

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This website is for the traveler who likes to decide where and how to travel and doesn't like packaged tours.
All the articles are written by professional freelance writers who report on their experiences first-hand. They tell you about interesting cities, attractions, hotels, restaurants, and quaint out-of the-way places to visit.

*All the articles are protected under the U.S. Copyright laws of 1976.
*The writers may be contacted via e-mail by clicking on their names.
* All the writers are members of Pegasus Writers Stable.
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All the contributing freelance writers for The Carefree Traveler Magazine are long-time professionals. They write about what they see and the things they do while traveling to various destinations.

No money is accepted from Convention & Visitors Bureaus, hotels, restaurants, or entertainment attractions, so there's no "hype" in anything you read.

We hope you'll enjoy reading about places you might consider visiting in the future, or just dreaming about the traveling you wish you could do someday.

  Future Articles:

- The World Peace Bell in Newport, Kentucky

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